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The Cell and Tissue Imaging Platform (PICT) welcomes you for your microscopy projects. PICT is IBiSA certified and is a member of the FranceBioImaging infrastructure.

In short, the PICT light-microscopy is:
  • 55 high-end microscopes
  • 12 experts in microscopy and image analysis
  • 2 locations in Paris and Orsay
  • 4 sites Burg, BDD, Pavillon Pasteur and Orsay buildings

Need advice on the use of light-microscopy ?

Make an appointment with the PICT imaging team closest to your unit, contacts available here.

New engineer: Chloé Guedj
After post-doc with Angela Taddei, Chloé started her first position in 2016 as an engineer on the ImagoSeine platform (IJM). In September she joined the PICT-Lhomond facility bringing her expertise in super-resolution imaging and clearing methods.

New : Live Super-Resolution Confocal Microscopy is arrived on PICT-LM@Orsay!
Super-resolution microscopes are becoming more and more common on imaging platforms. These microscopes allow you to see a level of detail that was previously impossible. The opportunity to see ever smaller components opens up access to new information on the structures of the observed samples.
The Live-SR is based on optically demodulated structured illumination technique with online processing.
Combined with spinning confocal, it enables Super-Resolution to be achieved at high speed and low photo-toxicity, making it the ideal solution for live high resolution cell imaging. Moreover, because of the nature of the light modulation, no line or pattern artifact is created.
The Live-SR process can be run live during acquisition or integrated into an offline routine. Processing is parameter free making it very easy to use. Necessary data for processing are directly read from the acquisition software.

Next Imaging TechWatch events

13 Novembre 2019: Correlative Optical Tweezers – Fluorescence & Label-free Microscopy with Lumicks
4 Decembre 2019: creating your own deep learning model with AIVIA from DRVision

Localization Microscopy

Abbelight’s Safe360 microscope will be evaluated on the PICT@Paris in October. Please contact if you are interested.

Questions about microscopy or image analysis ?

On the last Thursday of each month (remember this date) the PICT-photonic organizes an OpenDesk: engineers are gathered to answer your questions, on both microcopy and image processing. Join us on the next one, the 31st of October from 11AM to 12:30PM in Pavillon Pasteur.

CREST demo – 4th au 8th November 2019
The company CrestOpics will join us to present the next generation of X-light spinning disk. We will try to compare this solution with the spinnings we have on our platform, especially on field homogeneity and sensitivity. The particularity of this one is to be able to modulate the size of the pinholes by choosing its disk. This version will be installed on the AZ100 macroscope in the Nikon Center

NanoLive demo : 12th-14th November 2019
The Nanolive company offers us to test their microscope based on the analysis of the refractive index. No need for dyes no photobleaching anymore. Everything is based on the change/analysis of refractive index that exists between the nucleus, the cytoplasm, membranes… Go check the website to find out more but the new solution finally offers to do LiveCell with CO2 & temperature control.

We provide basic and advanced training on image analysis using the ImageJ/Fiji software. Registration for the next training session will be open very soon. A communication will be sent to all researchers of the Institute. Attention! limited number of seats.

Which microscopes are available on the platform?

It is easy, just go to our website.

Need a microscope training ?

Login to the OpenIRIS booking system and make an online training request. The procedure is described in our wiki but in case of problems contact us.

Thank you for your participation in the survey. The results of the survey are available here (pdf file).

The Institut Curie is hosting the Nikon Imaging Centre since 2007. More information here.

You have just published an article with microscopy data…. Congratulations! Don’t forget to thank the PICT-IBiSA platform member of FranceBioImaging  (example of acknowledgements here).

A big thank you to all the researchers, units, labex and institute that funds and/or helps us to finance the platform’s equipment.

« We believe in sharing equipment ».

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