Biologie cellulaire systémique de la polarité et de la division

Évènements, Meetings

May 2019: 6th Zoo meeting, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Bianca Calì presented a poster: CXCL12 alternative signaling pathways modulate three dimensional neutrophil migration


September 2018: EMBO: Size and Shape, Bengalore, India

Nishit Srivastava gave an oral presentation:  Modulation of single cell volume and mass growth by intrinsic and extrinsic factors

 2017-2019: Valentin Laplaud

Valentin made several presentations at various meetings on his project (Dynamics and mechanics of the dendritic cell cortex)

  • Microscale affairs, IPGG, opening talk, 10/04/2019
  • Journée physique statistique, ENS, flash talk, 31/01/2019
  • Curie Tissue mechanics meeting, Institut Curie, talk, 14/12/2018
  • PhysBio2018 conference, CNRS Gif-sur-yvette, invited student speaker, 24/10/ 2018
  • GDR celltiss 2018, France, Poster, 01-03/10/2018
  • MICEMICO meeting, IPGG/Curie, talk, 06/06/18
  • CellTissPhysBio labex retreat, france, short talk, 02-05/10/2017
  • « Actin & Mictotubule » Jacques Monod conférence, CNRS Roscoff, Poster, 08-12/05/ 2017

The World’s First Cell Race (2012)

Labs around the world participated in a race where the fastest cell would win!

See paper in Current Biology.

cell race