Service Biologie Moléculaire, Biochimie et Cellules

BMBC168 is a shared platform for biochemistry, molecular biology  and cell biology techniques in our department.

  • Submit your project to the following address  and put your group leader/project leader in copy.

What we know how to do for you (or can help you do yourself):

Molecular Biology:

  • Molecular cloning (digestion/ligation, InFusion ligation, Gateway cloning)
  • Sequencing
  • DNA purification (Maxi prep etc)
  • PCR (DNA amplification)
  • Mutagenesis
  • Genomic DNA preparation
  • qPCR (quantitative PCR)
  • Microarrays
  • FISH
  • constructions for CRISPR

Protein Purification:

  • Protein expression systems: E. coli, yeast (S. cerevisiae), baculovirus (in insect cells–Sf9), mammalian cells (Flp-In system HEK293 cells), cell-free protein expression
  • Protein purification from tissues (brain, muscle…)
  • Affinity chromatography using tags (His, GST etc)
  • FPLC purification with or without tags
  • Mass spectrometry analysis of proteins
  • Purification of membrane proteins
  • Basic techniques: SDS-PAGE gels, native gels, protein concentration by Bradford, protein labeling with fluorescent markers (Alexa etc)

Cell Biology Techniques:

  • Transient transfection
  • Stable cell line production (electroporation, lipofectants reagents, lentiviral/retroviral infection)
  • Lentiviral production, concentration, titration, storage
  • Immunofluorescence
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Flow cytometry (analyse and cell sorting)
  • Mycoplasma test
  • ELISA test (checking absence viruses)
  • STR authentication
  • Microfabrication