Microscopie Moléculaire des Membranes (MMM)

Partenariats, collaborations et soutiens


Institut Curie.

  1. Raposo, G. Van Niel. Institut Curie, UMR 144, Paris. Ultrastructural analysis of exosomes.
  2. Marco . Institut Curie, U759 INSERM, Orsay. Cryo-EM development, Image analysis.
  3. Coudrier. UMR 144. Myosin 1B/membrane interactions.
  4. Bassereau. UMR 168. Giant liposomes containing membrane proteins.

Collaborations nationales

P.E.Milhiet. Centre de Biochimie Structurale CNRS UMR 5048 – UM 1 – INSERM UMR 554 Montpellier. AFM of biomimetic systems containing membrane proteins

  1. M. Jault. Institut de Biologie Structurale, Grenoble. Structural analysis of bacterial ABC transporters
  2. Di Pietro. IBCP, UMR 5086 CNRS Université de Lyon. Structural analysis of human ABC transporter.
  3. Marguet. G. Chimini. CIML, Marseille. Function/Oligomerization/Nanodomains of ABCA1.

Collaborations Internationales

  1. Francia. Laboratorio di Biochimica e Biofisica. Dipartimento di Biologia, Università di Bologna, 40126 Bologna, Italy. Structural analysis of Photosynthetic core complexes.
  2. Hankamer. University of Brisbane, Queensland. Australia. Design and conception of functionalized lipids.
  3. Stahlberg, CINA, Basel, Switzerland. Use and debug of 2dX.
  4. Walz, Harvard Medical School. New functionalized lipids for the 3D reconstruction by electron microscopy of proteins bound at the air/water interface.


Australian Resarch Concil, (2005-2007) Structural analysis of membrane proteins using template-mediated crystallization. Coor. B. Hankamer (Brisbane, Australia). Australian Research Concil.

Agence National de la Recherche

MDR-ATPase.ANR-Programme Blanc. 2006-2009. Functional and structural mechanism of multidrug ATPase pumps. Coord. A. Di Pietro (IBCP, Lyon). D. Lévy, Partner 2.

F1F0- ANC-PCV. L’ATP-synthase mitochondriale: de l’enzyme isolé à l’organelle. Coord. M.F.Giraud (IBGC, Bordeaux). 2006-2010. D. Lévy. Partner 3. 2006-2009

AFM-MB-PROT. ANR-PCV. Structural Analysis of non Crystalline Transmembrane Proteins by Atomic Force Microscopy after Reconstitution in In-Plane Membranes. Coord. P.E.Milhiet, CBS. Montpellier. D. Lévy, Partner 2. 2006-2009

NAMIS, ANR blanc. Responsive nano- and micro-objects based on amphiphilic liquid crystal block copolymers. Coord. M.H.Li. Institut Curie. 2008-2011. D. Lévy, Associated Partner. 10/ 2008- 10/2011

EndoMyoshape, ANR blanc. Control of the shape of endosomes by the myosin 1b. Coord. E. Coudrier, Institut Curie, Paris. 2009-2012. D. Lévy, Associated Partner. 01/2010-01/2013

Association Recherche contre le Cancer. Subvention Libre. Mécanismes cellulaires et moléculaires de la pigmentation. Impact sur la pigmentation chez l’homme et le risque de mélanome. Coord. G. Raposo (Institut Curie, UMR 144). D. Lévy, Partner. Oct. 2010-oct.2013


06/2006-06/2008, cryo-EM analysis of reconstituted systems and of preparation of vaccines.