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Joanna Podkalicka

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My research interest is focused on the structure of biological membranes, especially on lipid homeostasis and identity of different membrane compartments which is preserved despite of constant flux of lipids towards and from the plasma membrane. I am also interested in the functioning of membrane proteins in particular in the context of the local lipid environment which could modulate their activity. My current research project aims at understanding of sphingolipid sorting at the trans Golgi network and their subsequent transport to the plasma membrane by protein-mediated lipid sorting mechanism.


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Année de publication : 2019

Dewulf, M., D.V. Koster, B. Sinha, C. Viaris de Lesegno, V. Chambon, A. Bigot, M. Bensalah, E. Negroni, N. Tardif, J. Podkalicka, L. Johannes, P. Nassoy, G. Butler-Browne, C. Lamaze* and C.M. Blouin* (2019 Apr 29)

Dystrophy-associated caveolin-3 mutations reveal that caveolae couple IL6/STAT3 signaling with mechanosensing in human muscle cells

Nature CommunicationNature : 10:1974 : DOI : 10.1038/s41467-019-09405-5.