Résidu tumoral et réponse au traitement


Année de publication : 2014

Matahi Moarii, Alice Pinheiro, Brigitte Sigal-Zafrani, Alain Fourquet, Martial Caly, Nicolas Servant, Véronique Stoven, Jean-Philippe Vert, Fabien Reyal (2014 Aug 8)

Epigenomic alterations in breast carcinoma from primary tumor to locoregional recurrences.

PloS one : e103986 : DOI : 10.1371/journal.pone.0103986 En savoir plus

Epigenetic modifications such as aberrant DNA methylation has long been associated with tumorogenesis. Little is known, however, about how these modifications appear in cancer progression. Comparing the methylome of breast carcinomas and locoregional evolutions could shed light on this process.