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One postdoc position (2 years) in quantitative hematology and immunology

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We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow in experimental hematology/immunology


The group of Leïla Perié combines experimental and mathematical/computational approaches of lineage tracing to study hematopoiesis. In particular, the group focuses on mapping how individual cell divide and differentiate from hematopoietic stem cells to differentiated red and white blood cells. This aim at understanding key biological questions such as the effect of the environment and the dynamics of steady state hematopoiesis. In addition, the group is developing lineage tracing techniques that can be used in Human to study cell differentiation in healthy donors and cancer patients.


The group is a junior lab from Curie Institute and CNRS since July 2015. Curie Institute is composed of a cancer hospital and a research center (around 1000 workers) which creates a unique continuum between fundamental research and innovations for the patients. The Perié’s group is located in the department of biophysics (UMR168), which gather physicists, biologists and chemists interested in cellular mechanism and organization. The group also works in interactions with the other departments of the Institute such as the department of immunology (U932), developmental biology (U934) and cellular dynamics (UMR144) and translational departement.

Job description

Starting in the second half of 2018, the successful candidate will work on using two established lineage tracing techniques (cellular barcoding and in situ barcoding). The project will be defined with the candidate and should evolve around single cell biology in hematopoiesis using new tools from the lab such as in situ lineage tracing, epigenetic and transcriptomic. Collaborations on cancer development is also be an option. The candidate should have expertize in bone-marrow transplantation, mouse experiment, multi-color facs analysis, deep sequencing. Previous experience in genetic cloning or lineage tracing will be an advantage. The candidate should be willing to work in an interdisciplinary field, in interaction with the part of the group working on theory.

How to apply

Application deadline is March 15th 2018. The interviews will take place in April in Paris.

Applicants should send their detailed CV, a cover letter and contact information of two or three academic references to We strongly encourage applications from female and minority candidates.

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