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Philippe Marcq Enseignant chercheur Tél :

Maître de conférences à Sorbonne Université

E-mail: philippe dot marcq at espci dot fr

Depuis 2019, je travaille au  Laboratoire PMMH , voir cette page de la maison.

Publications at Institut Curie

  • Collective stresses drive competition between monolayers of normal and Ras-transformed cells, with S. Moitrier, C. Blanch-Mercader, S. Garcia, K. Sliogeryte, T. Martin, J. Camonis, P. Silberzan and I. Bonnet (journal, arXiv)
  • Kalman inversion stress microscopy, with V. Nier, G. Peyret, J. d'Alessandro, S. Ishihara and B. Ladoux (journal, arXiv)
  • A mechanosensitive RhoA pathway that protects epithelia against acute tensile stress, with B.R. Acharya, A. Nestor-Bergmann, X. Liang, S. Gupta, K. Duszyc, E. Gauquelin, G.A. Gomez, S. Budnar, O.E. Jensen, Z. Bryant and A.S. Yap (journal)
  • Emergence of epithelial cell density waves, with S. Yabunaka (journal, arXiv)
  • From cells to tissue: A continuum model of epithelial mechanics, with S. Ishihara and K. Sugimura (journal, arXiv)
  • Cell growth, division and death in cohesive tissues: a thermodynamic approach, with S. Yabunaka (journal, arXiv)
  • Topological defects in epithelia govern cell death and extrusion, with T. B. Saw, A. Doostmohammadi, V. Nier, L. Kocgozlu, S. Thampi, Y. Toyama, C. T. Lim, J. M. Yeomans and B. Ladoux (journal)
  • Inference of internal stress in a cell monolayer, with V. Nier, S. Jain, C. T. Lim, S. Ishihara and B. Ladoux (journal, arXiv)
  • One-dimensional collective migration of a proliferating cell monolayer, with P. Recho and J. Ranft (journal, arXiv)
  • Tissue fusion over non-adhering surfaces, with V. Nier, M. Deforet, G. Duclos, H.G. Yevick, O. Cochet-Escartin and P. Silberzan (journal, arXiv)
  • Mechanical formalisms for tissue dynamics, with S. Tlili, C. Gay, F. Graner, F. Molino and P. Saramito (journal, erratum, arXiv)
  • Spatio-temporal dynamics of an active, polar, viscoelastic ring (journal, arXiv)
  • Border forces and friction control epithelial closure dynamics, with O. Cochet-Escartin, J. Ranft and P. Silberzan (journal, arXiv)
  • Robustness of force and stress inference in an epithelial tissue, with K. Sugimura, Y. Bellaïche, F. Graner and S. Ishihara (journal, arXiv)
  • Contraction of cross-linked actomyosin bundles, with N. Yoshinaga (journal, arXiv)
  • Mechanical state, material properties and continuous description of an epithelial tissue, with I. Bonnet, F. Bosveld, L.Fetler, Y. Bellaïche and F. Graner (journal, arXiv)
  • Mechanical control of tissue morphogenesis by the Fat/Dachsous/Four-jointed planar cell polarity pathway, with F. Bosveld, I. Bonnet, B. Guirao, S. Titli, Z. Wang, A. Petitalot, R. Marchand, P.L. Bardet, F. Graner and Y. Bellaïche (journal)
  • Rigidity sensing explained by active matter theory, with N. Yoshinaga and J. Prost (journal, arXiv)
  • Polarity patterns of stress fibers, with N. Yoshinaga, J.-F. Joanny and J. Prost (journal, arXiv)


Publications clés

Année de publication : 2018

Vincent Nier, Grégoire Peyret, Joseph d'Alessandro, Shuji Ishihara, Benoit Ladoux, Philippe Marcq (2018 Oct 11)

Kalman Inversion Stress Microscopy.

Biophysical journal : DOI : S0006-3495(18)31065-8

Année de publication : 2017

Thuan Beng Saw, Amin Doostmohammadi, Vincent Nier, Leyla Kocgozlu, Sumesh Thampi, Yusuke Toyama, Philippe Marcq, Chwee Teck Lim, Julia M Yeomans, Benoit Ladoux (2017 Apr 14)

Topological defects in epithelia govern cell death and extrusion.

Nature : 212-216 : DOI : 10.1038/nature21718

Année de publication : 2016

Vincent Nier, Shreyansh Jain, Chwee Teck Lim, Shuji Ishihara, Benoit Ladoux, Philippe Marcq (2016 Apr 14)

Inference of Internal Stress in a Cell Monolayer.

Biophysical journal : 1625-35 : DOI : 10.1016/j.bpj.2016.03.002

Année de publication : 2015

Vincent Nier, Maxime Deforet, Guillaume Duclos, Hannah G Yevick, Olivier Cochet-Escartin, Philippe Marcq, Pascal Silberzan (2015 Jul 21)

Tissue fusion over nonadhering surfaces.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America : 9546-51 : DOI : 10.1073/pnas.1501278112

Année de publication : 2014

Olivier Cochet-Escartin, Jonas Ranft, Pascal Silberzan, Philippe Marcq (2013 Jul 20)

Border forces and friction control epithelial closure dynamics.

Biophysical journal : 65-73 : DOI : 10.1016/j.bpj.2013.11.015

Année de publication : 2012

Natsuhiko Yoshinaga, Philippe Marcq (2012 Jul 13)

Contraction of cross-linked actomyosin bundles.

Physical biology : 046004 : DOI : 10.1088/1478-3975/9/4/046004