Cellular EM Mollecular-EM RT Tomography CLEM Cryo-EM Cryo Electron Tomography

EM-PICT has recognized expertise in the field of cellular and molecular imaging (cell biology, developmental biology and structural biology) in normal and disease state and has skills in advanced electron microscopy applications. We propose a panel of established approaches of cellular-EM and cryo-EM. We also developed and implemented methods for sample preparation, cell tomography, cryo-tomography, correlative-light microscopy (CLEM) and image analysis.
The following figure shows the various applications and techniques available on the electron-microscopy facility.


All together the equipment in electron microscopy comprises in 2020 two electron microscopes, a 200 kV Tecnai G2 electron microscope equipped for cryo-EM and tomography and a 120 kV Tecnai Spirit for cellular and molecular EM. We have several associated instruments for sample preparation including high-pressure freezing, ultramicrotome, automatic plunger, glow discharge, carbon coater. All instruments can be booked from openiris (http://iris.science-it.ch/) after a training period. Instruments are used according to the PICT Terms of use (see Information). PICT engineers also have expertise in data processing and analysis and provide advices e.g. for 3D reconstructions from tomograms but users analyse their data on their own.

Training and teaching activities:

The platform’s engineers organise and participate in training and education courses. These training courses have been yet organized either by the teaching unit of the Institut Curie, or by the CNRS, INSERM, universities, microscopy networks (Société Francaise des Microscopies) Workshops and Courses (e.g. for CLEM) or the FranceBioImaging infrastructure.