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bioinformatic analyst position

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Lieu : Institut Curie Paris Type d'offre : bioinformatic analyst Structure de rattachement : UMR168 Type de contrat : CDD 1 an Disponibilité : december 2019 or January 2020 Date de cloture : 25.11.2019

NGS data analysis (single cell analysis and genetic lineage tracing ) using shell, Python and R scripts
Handling the QC and organization of the datasets of the team Perié
Handling the QC and pipeline for the single cell plateform
The candidate will work part time for the single cell plateform and part time for the Perié team. He/She will work on multi-omics datasets (single cell RNAseq and Chipseq, cellular barcoding and in situ barcoding dataset) starting from raw datasets to perform bioinformatics analyses (alignment, quantification, QC) on the computing cluster of Institut Curie and further analyze datasets using and optimizing R scripts from the Perié group, as well as developing novel algorithms.
The single cell plateform offers indroplet single cell RNAseq and Chipseq services. The Perié team studies the production of red and white blood cells at the single cell level. In particular, the Perié lab has expertized in several lineage tracing methods in which the candidate will be involved.
Master 2 required at minimum
Applicants must have expertise in high-throughput sequencing computational analyses with capacity to develop scripts in shell, R & Python.Please send a CV, cover letter outlining your motivation and contact for two recommendation to before Nov 25th

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